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Customizable Canva and Adobe templates for solopreneurs
Every tool and resource that I use to run my online, digital product based business full-time.

Design Platform


An easy-to-use web-based design platform that rivals professional software

Member Platform


The most customizable and comprehensive course platform I've ever tested

Social Proof


How I trigger the cute pop-ups in the bottom corner of my website when I make a sale

Company of One

by paul jarvis

This book changed my freakin' life. A refreshing perspective on why you should question growth and go (mostly) solo in biz

The Ground Up Show

by Matt D'Avella

My absolute favorite podcast and go-to resource for all things minimalism, creativity and lifestyle optimization

File Management


Constantly syncs my entire archive of files and makes sharing super easy



Picture a super customizable version of Asana, Evernote and Airtable... combined

Creative Assets

Creative Market

My favorite online marketplace for fonts, stock photos, templates and more

Website Platform


The platform I used to build and customize my entire website and online shop

Inbox Management


The desktop application that helps me organize and filter my emails


* This page contains several affiliate links.