Brand Board Template

Brand Board Template



Your brand identity isn't all about what’s on your business card – it’s about being consistently you in everything that you do. Consistency and effective brand application will establish trust and lead to engagement and action. So, how do you establish consistency without copying + pasting your life away?

Clarify your brand standards and level-up your brand visuals with these fully customizable brand board templates, featuring your logo, colour palette, typefaces, brand imagery, etc. Instantly transform your brand visuals from a hot mess to a seamless and recognizable representation of your brand and business simply by referring to your brand board each time you create new content.

Two customizable brand board templates in the following sizes:

  • 1 tall brand board template (840 x 2000px)

  • 1 mini brand board template (840 x 1550px)

  • 1 mood board template (8.5 x 11”)

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+ How easy is it to customize the template?

Super easy! Just switch out the fonts and colours, drag and drop photos into the placeholder frames, and type in new content before exporting your custom design.

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If you experience problems with a Canva template, or require any other assistance, please contact and we will resolve the issue as soon as possible.

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Due to the digital nature of this product, all sales are final.