Welcome to the 5-day challenge Facebook group!

I’m so excited that you’re here, and I’m really looking forward to kicking off the challenge with you on October 22nd.

But before we get the ball rolling, I thought I would pop into the group to introduce myself and let you know what you can expect to learn while you’re here.

So if we haven’t met yet, I’m Alysha. I started my online business just under a year ago after I was laid off from my job at a startup company, and since then I’ve transitioned from full-time freelancer to digital product boss.

I sell social media and content marketing templates on Creative Market, and on my website, and since shifting my focus from design services to digital products, I’ve been able to scale back on client work, triple my income, and impact hundreds of creative entrepreneurs instead of just the ones that I could fit into my schedule.

Needless to say, my template shop has literally changed my life, but the one thing I’ve loved doing even more than creating templates is helping other people create launch and sell their own digital products.

So with that being said, here we are inside the Facebook group, Passive Income for Creatives, where I’ll be hosting a 5 day challenge teaching you how to get paid to be creative.

And just in case you didn’t catch some of the details on the registration page, here is exactly what I’ll be covering once the challenge kicks off:

  • On Day 1, I’ll help you identify the purpose of your digital product, so you can create something that will contribute to the success of your business overall;

  • On Day 2, I’ll guide you towards a category of products that you’ll be able to sustain in the long-term, armed with your unique skills and talents of course;

  • On Day 3, I’ll show you how to validate your product idea, to ensure that when you launch your product you’ll have a great possibility of making sales immediately;

  • On Day 4, which is my favorite day, I’ll explain how to leverage a pre-existing marketplace, like Creative Market, to gain visibility and fact-track the success of your digital product shop which is exactly what I did without even knowing it;

And by Day 5, you’ll have a passive income master plan – literally, I’m giving you a workbook, and all you have to do is complete the challenges, fill in the blanks, and be prepared to take action on the last day of the challenge.

So if this wasn’t already clear, what you’ll be doing throughout this entire challenge is building a custom roadmap, with clear, actionationable steps all laid out for you, so you know not only what product you’re creating, but why you’re creating it, how it will have a positive impact on your entire business, and how you can scale this thing into a digital product empire.

But before we actually get started, please be sure to introduce yourself to the group and tell us who you are, what exactly you do on the internet, and what you’re hoping to take away from this challenge.

I’m so excited to see your intro pop up! But for now, I will see on October 22nd.