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Is your do-it-yourself approach to branding a hot mess express? Sign up for my FREE 6-day e-mail course and learn how to define your brand visuals without a degree or design software.
As a solopreneur, you’ve got a million and one creative tasks on your to-do list. Social media graphics, opt-ins, digital products, plus essential biz tools and resources. There’s just one problem... You’re not a designer.
news flash Think you need to drop thousands on a “professional” brand and website? Think again. You can totally DIY a professional and memorable brand, and increase the percieved value of your product or service in the process. Plus, you can use a free platform like Canva to produce perfectly branded visuals at lightning speed.
In this free course, you’ll learn... • Why you don’t need a logo (and what you need instead)
• How to craft a colour palette and pair typefaces
• The most powerful design element at your disposal
• How to assemble a cohesive brand style guide
• How to customize your brand visuals with consistency
This investment is one of the best I've made for my business! With Alysha's opt-in templates, I was able to create something I loved that was on brand and I did it in 1/4 of the time. hannah, virtual assistant
If I could design my first website with MS Paint and dial-up internet, you can DIY your brand.
Yep, you read that right. Armed with a four-year degree in graphic design, I can say with confidence that I learned everything through trial and error – but we don’t all have years to experiment and make it work. My guess is, you’re not a designer (no worries!) and aren’t in a place where you can afford to hire professional help, which I totally understand. So I’m here to help you, the budget-conscious business owner, DIY your brand so you can make your content look as good as it actually is, on a $0 budget.
Alysha’s Instagram templates are so beautiful and so easy to use! Before, my Instagram Story aesthetic wasn’t very consistent. Now I have story templates that match my brand and I feel so professional and put together! kristen, copywriter
Also, this course is free. Any questions?
Q: How is this course different from Canva’s tutorials? A: This course won’t just teach you how to use Canva – it’ll teach you how to build a brand.
Q: Do I need to pay for Canva or Photoshop? A: Nope! Canva is free and you can use it to build everything your brand needs for $0.
Q: Who are you and why should I learn from you? A: Hey, I’m Alysha! I run an online business designing templates for creative solopreneurs.