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+ I don't have time to create products, I'm too busy with my clients!

The amount of time you need to spend will vary depending on the complexity of your product, but by setting aside just one day a week, your Saturday mornings, or even just thirty minutes a day, you can make a lot of progress in a very short amount of time.

+ I want to sell printables – is this course right for me?

Printables are likely to perform better on a “maker” platform like Etsy, and although I am currently experimenting with that platform as well, this course focuses primarily on Creative Market – although 60-70% of the content will still apply to the development of your product.

+ Can I take this course and then copy all of your products?

Yes, but I suggest that you don't. I believe that success can only come from being authentically, 100% yourself. If you take this course, I expect you to create digital products that make sense given your unique talents as a designer and creator, and I promise to do everything in my power to support you on your journey.

+ Can I find all of this information online myself?

The technical stuff? Yes. The strategy? No. This course is the culmination of six months of research, testing and optimizing, and I wish a course like this existed when I started my template shop to help fast-track my results... That's why I created it! Plus, you get one-on-one support from me, which is unmatched, if I do say so myself.

+ What will I get when I enroll in the course?

Immediately after enrolling, you will get access to the course platform and the private Facebook group. The first module will go Live on Tuesday, November 6th, and the first support call will take place the same day. The remaining modules will be rolled out on a weekly basis. See the dates below each module for more details.

+ Do you offer refunds?

I am 100% confident that by following my instructions and applying my strategies, you will make back your investment in this course, and then some. However, if after watching the first module and attending the first support session you are not satisfied with the value of the content, simply e-mail me at to request a full refund.