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October 22nd - 26th


You crave total freedom.

I mean, that's why you started your business, right?

But you’ve been doing the solopreneur thing for a while, and so far “freedom” looks a lot like last-minute client requests, spreadsheets and a bottomless inbox, and invoices being paid the week after your rent was due… in yoga pants.

Not *exactly* what you expected from solopreneurship.


It is possible to make a consistent income online that doesn't involve revisions, discovery calls, or the words “creative magic."


In seven months, I tripled my income by incorporating digital products into my offerings.


If you're thinking...

I don’t have time to create digital products, I’m too busy with my clients! Nobody would buy them, anyway.

If I start selling digital products, I'll be targeting the wrong audience, nobody will hire me and my business will fail.

Selling digital products seems pretty complicated, and I don’t have the patience to figure out the tech stuff.

Well, actually... none of that is true.


What if I told you that creating a digital product would do more than "just" generate passive income...

That people will buy your products, that more clients will find you, and you can skip 80% of the tech stuff?


Imagine if you could...

Fire your nightmare client and replace the income with a project that has the potential to generate 10x the revenue.

Make money whether you're at your desk, walking your dog, watching Netflix, or – my favorite – sleeping.

Help dozens, hundreds or even thousands of people, instead of just the ones you can fit into your schedule.


Quit imagining, and let's get to work!

During the challenge, you will...


Hey! I'm Alysha.

I created my first digital product because I wanted to offer new business owners (with basically zero budget) the same opportunity that I offered my clients (with bigger budgets).

But I didn't want to do it charging by the hour.

So I packaged up some templates, and sold them on Creative Market. To my surprise, the more visible my template shop became, the more client inquiries I received.

Plot twist:

The month that I booked out my services for the first time was the same month that I decided to quit client work altogether and go (almost) full-time as a digital shop owner.

This was my journey to total freedom.

Now, I can't wait to help you start yours!

Okay, but, why is this free?

My dream job is to help overwhelmed creative entrepreneurs start and scale their dream businesses, and that starts with deciding where digital products will fit into that equation.

So I created this challenge to help you with the what and the why, and if you’re still curious, I can also offer you the how.

But there are no strings attached. Either way, I promise you'll walk away with a clear vision for your digital product shop.


What will I get out of this challenge?

Well, for starters, you'll get a plan.

This challenge will prepare you to quick-start a digital product shop, make your first sale, and scale your business with passive income.

But you'll also get support.

For an entire week, I'm giving myself a hard pass on the digital detox so I can show up for you and answer all of your questions about creating and sustaining a digital product shop. Pinky swear.

Why should I listen to you instead of my friend Google?

Not to be dramatic, but...

My digital product shop changed my freakin' life.

In just seven months, I replaced and then nearly doubled my previous salary with passive income alone – and I did it by learning everything I possibly could about how to sell digital products.

I read the blog posts, listened to the podcasts, made mistakes and yes, Googled a bazillion different search terms, so you don't have to.

So... you ready to get started!?


The challenge starts on October 22nd!

Drop your name and e-mail and I'll send all of the details to your inbox right away.