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Customizable Canva and Adobe templates for solopreneurs

Brand Board Template


Mix and match 60+ unique designs to create an irresistible lead magnet for your growing audience

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Your brand is NOT your logo.

Your brand identity isn't all about what’s on your business card – it’s about being consistently you in everything that you do. Consistency and effective brand application will establish trust and lead to engagement and action. So, how do you establish consistency without copying + pasting your life away?

Maintain brand consistency ⚖️

Clarify your brand standards and level-up your brand visuals with these fully customizable brand board templates, featuring your logo, colour palette, typefaces, brand imagery, etc.

Instantly transform your brand visuals from a hot mess to a seamless and recognizable representation of your brand and business simply by referring to your brand board each time you create new content.

 What's included 

4 design variations plus a bonus mood board

Copyright-free fonts (no additional purchase necessary)

Formatted for Canva's free platform and Adobe software

Q: How does it work?

A: Once you've made your purchase, you will instantly be e-mailed a ZIP file containing everything you need.

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A: Yes, you can! My lifetime membership option saves you more than 30%.

Q: I have another question! Where can I contact you?

A: No worries, I'm happy to answer questions. You can contact me via the form linked below.

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