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Customizable Canva and Adobe templates for solopreneurs
 Meet the designer 

Hey, I'm Alysha!

I fell in love with design when I was thirteen years old and learned how to code my Neopets profile page.

A decade or so later, I was laid off from my job at a startup company, a few weeks away from moving across the country, and determined to make the whole “online business” thing work so I could crack the code to freedom. 

(Spoiler alert: I totally did!)

Today, I live in Kelowna, British Columbia with my boyfriend, our Instagram famous basset hound named Lester, and three – yes, three – Siamese cats. 

My online business allows me to live in Lululemon leggings, spend every afternoon adventuring outside, and make a consistent income online by selling digital products. No boss. No desk.

Just me, my dog, and of course... iced coffee. 😋

 for your information 

run a marathon

#1 on my bucket list

leggings & converse

probably wearing

vegetarian sushi

favorite food

jeep wrangler

dream car

iced w/ almond milk

coffee order

the big bang theory

guilty pleasure

As a solopreneur, I know how many design assets it takes to run an online business as seamlessly and profitably as possible.

A lead magnet to grow your email list. A welcome packet to onboard new clients. And don’t even get me started with social media graphics. 🙈 

That’s why I built my collection of templates to work as a content marketing system in a box. No more mixing and matching from various sources... Everything in my shop was designed to work together seamlessly!

So, if you’re done DIYing blog graphics, formatting workbooks and constantly starting new projects from scratch, you’re in the right place.

My mission is to help you, the budget-conscious business owner, create branded biz assets that make your content, your services and your digital products look as valuable as they truly are – in no-time flat. 🙌


Q: Can you make an [insert template suggestion here]?

A: It's probably on my to do list. Sign up for email updates so you're the first to hear about it.

Q: I want alllll of your templates! Can I get a discount?

A: Yes, you can! My lifetime membership option saves you more than 30%.

Q: What tool/software/platform do you use to do XYZ?

A: Every single one of my favorite resources is listed on one page, linked below!